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Be Hungry (Fight For It) - Motivational Short Story ᴴᴰ

whenever there's an argument between your hear and your mind follow you of the things that the hot could understand and feel the mind cannot relate to that pains that you feel that should know in your heart of hearts that not logical its not practical it's not realistic but that's something he any you'll this says pack do this you do what is easy your life be hard you do what is law life people that are hungry I'll uncommon people hungry have a vision of themselves when they leave here. leaving a legacy and not live abilities how do you get to that next level you must learn to dominate you can not compete domination not competition anybody can do the spokes anybody could do this is not about a college degree just about massive amount up match whatever you think your work if you're not sure if your own value your own goals and what you want the world will never leave more but what you want your values and your old people that a homegroup a willing to do the Bank today others won't do in order to have the thing tomorrow others won't have people that all three are relentless people that already unstoppable people the home refused to give up I'm willing to make this happen no excuse and acceptable parlor do whatever it takes I can do it anybody's ever done any point in time and history than was possible for what as possible for me and I'm gonna do it its part time it's possible it's necessary it's me it's hot it's worth it I don't know what you want seem like yesterday when I was the new kid on the block now it's 68 on the old my mother remember the first home up water home she saw she didn't know I had planned to get that home purchased a home in st. mama I think I know the people who led you do I said yes someone stop in and say hello troll then I opened the door she got out a moment that time rounds that message help Mom we walk into what happens we got to the door and I I couldn't hold it anymore I reached my pocket to keep out and that put it in the door this is your home Obama I booked this you that pushed the door open she stuck her head does she say anybody home said no mom nobody's here this is yours if you wanna think that enough to go out fight to work day and night to give up your time your piece and you sleep of the two treatments scheme is about life seems useless at worthless without it and if you live in a sweat poured in fact what a planned port and meet all your tear of the opposition for and if you simply got that thing that you wont with all of your cock past strength in stochastic thanks hope and confidence and star in part to nast the help of God you'd get it

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