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Destroy Doubt - Motivational Video

definition of a life well lived for me a life well lived is a life that is not about victories or losses but about a continuous process of growth of continuous process solution a continuous process of the bench your curiosity bewilderment and off one in which you don't go quietly into that good night at the end of the race but instead you rage and rage and rage against the dying of the light define life according to your measures of success but it really is things I believe like expressing your power doing work you find meaningful regardless of what the world thinks finding people around you who love you enjoying nature you know serving people being a good human being realized something outside of more than our limits today all of us getting impact the difference between having an impact in not having impact is a decision Resources it's not money or their tea decision sontag a little bit of mindset to the box thinking about how we think because ultimately the most critical thing what distinguishes us as humans from every other than animal would distinguish one human fore another is how we think and I want to encourage you to think what I call a mindset because how you think matters and it changes everything in your business and your life everything we have control tower our day week or month and are year stop running around being on the receiving end of whatever people want to don't want you and when you hang and I wouldn't negative dark and dysfunctional people you cannot expect yourself to go to sleep at night and rest you cannot expect yourself to feel good about your day when you're including negative and dysfunctional people in your day at the end of the day we are a bunch of people on a little planet in a huge galaxy and before you know we're gonna be a bunch of dust and the great billionaires get buried next to the taxi drivers in the pizza makers we are not that big a deal and I think all that really matters is why we are alive you know do your best to use every day as a vehicle to birth your talents in the world and secondly if you do that you're going to serve the world and raise the world with you and it all just comes from inner power that's just driving your powerful place with it you know that's where you get grease and that's really great creativity that's where you get balanced energy because it's not about to what the world thinks if there's going to be that got moment that got sense if you're not having down you're not pushing the boundaries far enough

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