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The Wisdom - Bruce Lee

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SECOND CHANCE - Very Motivational

I'm not afraid to die I'm afraid you have not lived long enough Live your life now Have you ever wished that could start your life again? The suffering, the pain could avoid if we could just start again, live again, knowing what we know now There are choices you made, you did as a teenager, a young adult, you did but would not do today because you grew up. You have learned through life, you learned through some of their failures, you learned through some mistakes, but what if you could just turn it off. and start all over again? You can start a new life correct, quiet and clean, and, yes, a new life. You can live your dreams and your fears I think most people in fact, they are not living their dreams But they are living their fears. So I want to ask you a question: What are your fears? What are you afraid of? What frightens you? Because we all have fears We all have something that blocks us, that keeps us from going ahead What fears I al…

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