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ITS UP TO YOU - Motivational Video

Every passing minute is another chance of any return. Never believe a prediction that does not give you power. How many predictions you were thrown in the face throughout your life? If you believe in predictions that do not give you power, fânerez and you die. Either you die physically or die ésprit while you will stroll in the world such a carcace that is now to follow the masses. You will be given many names in your life, and you will be told so many different things. You should listen to what gives you power. See, it's not important how long you live but how you live. The first thing I think you need to do to turn your situation is to take control of your ésprit. Or specifically nourish and strengthen the spirit. Guess what? You will make mistakes. The person who made no mistake did nothing. You will make mistakes if you want to do something here. You will fall in the face. You will be criticized when you leave the arena is commonly called life. You will feel uncomfortable, stupid and silly at times. This is part of the territory. But it does not matter. Take charge of your life. Stay away from 95%. Do not go where they go. Do not do what they do. Do not talk like they talk. Develop your own language. Do not use their vocabulary. Do not use their excuses. When you look back, you never go back there. You will never return to past ways and past language and past neglect. Never. Spend each new day to become a little wiser than when you are awake. Exercise your homework faith. You will advance step by step but not necessarily quick acceleration. But you build discipline in preparing you for the quick acceleration. Do you take it a centimeter at a time, day by day. And at the end of the day, if you live long enough, most people receive what they deserve.

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